SpinPlate - Rotating tray for the fridge

Size:  35x26x3.2 cm
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"The VersaTrendy SpinPlate has transformed my fridge organization! It's a simple yet genius addition that brings order to the chaos. Now, everything is easily accessible, and I can quickly find what I need. Plus, it's a breeze to clean. This little rotating tray has made my life in the kitchen so much easier!"
★★★★★(5/5) - Josephine S.

Introducing the VersaTrendy SpinPlate

Organization Made Easy

The VersaTrendy SpinPlate is a revolutionary addition to your refrigerator that brings order to chaos. With its rotating tray, it simplifies organization and ensures easy access to all your fridge essentials.

Maximum Space Utilization 

Make the most of your fridge's available space. The SpinPlate's clever design optimizes every inch, allowing you to store more items in a tidy, organized manner.

Easy Access to Freshness

 Say goodbye to forgotten leftovers and expired items. The SpinPlate's 360-degree rotation ensures that everything in your fridge is visible and within arm's reach, so you can enjoy fresher food and minimize waste.

 Versatile Storage Solution 

It's not just for condiments and sauces. The SpinPlate is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of items, from beverage containers to fruits and veggies, making it an essential addition to any refrigerator.

 Effortless Cleaning

 Cleaning your fridge has never been easier. The SpinPlate is removable and dishwasher-safe, ensuring a hassle-free cleanup and maintaining a hygienic environment for your food.